My 2021 Recap Is Early

My way to celebrate the benefits from unemployment finally getting to my account? I dragged myself into the loop and checked in with BOA and took the over $10,000 cash out of the bank that has been screwing with people and their money, freezing accounts, and hanging up on identity theft victims, like myself.

Trying to trust these people after I have lost so much to the system and still have no idea what happened to the claim against then for at least 8 grand in erroneous charges, it felt like it would be much safer in my clutches.

Fast forward to three weeks of paranoia, spending extra money for rent at Motel Six and losing a whole week ($800) because they kicked us out at three am and have given us not a receipt for payment or s refund. It is absolutely insane how people are taking my hardship and using the vunerabilities to come up off of me.

Final straw and no clue how to deal with it? My savings that I keep wrapped up in envelopes and heavily taped was taken from me by a ” friend,”? The total of $5300 in twenty dollar bills was going to be the ollly way to get myself into a safe place and off the homeless vicious cycle for good.

Instead of a farewell to the past I am struggling with sho to contact to get them locked up and get the money back. I have no clue what to do and I have limited resources Left. Any idea?